5 tips to master Data Storytelling

Data storytelling is about telling a story from the processing of a lot of data in a more accessible language. It offers a lot of scope for creativity in order to boost the power of data, provided that a good strategy is followed. It is a solution that many companies are now using to create good content. Here are 5 tips to make sure your data storytelling is effective.

Focus on good visual elements

Data Storytelling can be understood simply as a methodology of filtering data to make it more intelligible. This makes it easier for users to understand the data and information they need. Unlike Excel which can quickly become complicated to understand, the interface uses a graphical representation for better decision making. With a good visual, Data Storytelling allows you to access directly the useful information. More info here.

Knowing the audience and setting goals

Knowing your audience well allows you to create personas. This approach helps to identify the obstacles. You can use brainstorming or a workshop to define the different profiles. It is from this persona that you will be able to set up your content strategy, by learning about the behaviour of your audience. Once this stage has been completed, it is time to define your objective. From this you will tell the story to your persona. This step consists of getting the audience to react (join or reject), or to generate an action such as registration based on data.

Prioritise your information and focus your stories

The audience can quickly get lost and give up if there is too much information. It is therefore important to get to the point and to organise the information to be communicated. The classic approach is to start with global information and gradually move towards the most important information, without forgetting the surprise effects along the way. This could be a differentiation from your competitors, an answer to a frequently asked question, or user opinions. Your data should breathe intrigue and emotion! Last but not least, you need to conclude your story in a way that leads the audience to a decision. In addition, the application of these tips can help you to develop your sales, your notoriety, or your visibility, and to better position yourself on the market compared to your competitors.

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