How to analyse data with a dashboard?

Applications are multiplying and data are now omnipresent. It is analysed for the purpose of digitalisation. For example, it is necessary to follow a defined process to collect data for the marketing department. Referring to a dashboard is one of the best solutions for this.

Dashboard for a company department

The dashboard benefits the entire industry. On the Toucan Toco platform, you will learn more. You just need to analyse it in a relevant and efficient way if you want to benefit from it. For the marketing department, these charts are indispensable, as this sector is the one that invests the most in digitisation. So the dashboard is a good start for the analysis of sales figures. You don't need to change everything at once. Take time to study the chart without being too ambitious. However, avoid the risk of doing nothing. The scoreboard should provide you with data that can be used by the sector in which you operate. Before doing so, it is advisable to draw up a "business pain". After all, you can only provide a relevant answer if you set up a win-win model.

What is the purpose of dashboard analysis for a company?

As a manager in your company, you certainly have goals to achieve. You can use a scorecard to measure your progress towards these goals. You can use a dashboard to measure your progress towards these goals. You can use them to visualise the results and to make decisions. You can immediately take corrective action as a result. Like an airline pilot, you have to make decisions based on different information or indicators provided by the dashboard. In a company, it will be more a question of analysing the Turn Over, absenteeism and other indicators relating to the social climate.

How to use the dashboard in a company?

If you need to calculate and compare figures, you can use the performance indicators collected from your dashboard. If you need to analyse the progress of your actions, consider using the steering indicators. These define the progress of actions. In any case, the indicators from the dashboard must be clear, predictive and easy to use. In this way, they can evolve with your strategy. If you want to take advantage of a global vision, think about combining financial indicators with commercial indicators. For example, you can link turnover to the number of customers. Remember to add indicators showing customer satisfaction for a complete analysis. To get a clear analysis from your dashboard, limit the number of KPIs to 10 and choose a dashboard with a usable and airy presentation.

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